Her Inspiration, Her Motivation!

The world rushed past her, all around her,
Almost as if she along was stuck in slow motion.
As far as her eyes could see,
Everything appeared, but in blur.

All she could do was stay still,
Still until that one final moment,
That moment she had been waiting for,
That moment when the haze finally cleared.

He was her only clarity,
That one final piece that made sense.
While all else flew by,
He was at her speed.

She knew not if it was mind or heart,
She only knew there was a connecting thread.
She knew not if it would last,
She only knew to hold on for life.

When all else had not spared a glance,
He had stepped out and focused on her.
A hand had reached out, wrapping around hers,
Finally pulling her into the speed of the world.

She knew not what magic had possessed her,
But all of a sudden, everything around came into clarity.
She no longer stood alone amidst the rush.

His hand still held on to hers,
And while it stayed, she knew it would work,
For in his arms her speed was not snail like,
For he was her inspiration, her motivation.


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