Reading and Writing, the Intersection!

I can't remember exactly when in my childhood I started writing. For as long as I remember, my school and my family inculcated the reading habit in me, so that goes back to primary school. Writing though, I believe it might have just been all those English lessons in schools. I was always good at... Continue Reading →

The love she Shared with the Art!

She sat herself down, on her toes, knees bent,Settled in her favourite position,Her thighs aches with resent,As she exercised long forgotten muscles. She had neither put in the energy, nor the effort,The determination that the art required,She had let it go, long forgotten,An art she only remembered now. And yet, the muscles remembered what the... Continue Reading →


She sat between friends,Everyone she'd ever known and loved.She sat between those she thought her life support,Everyone she'd ever call.And yet her heart ached, ached with loneliness.The loneliness despite all those around,the loneliness that shook her core.Where she'd gone wrong she knew not,When she'd failed she knew not,All that was left was to breathe;Breathe through... Continue Reading →

That Little Step to Success!

I've had several instances in life where I've ended up desolated. Just pushed to a chapter with no clarity. And I'm confident that several of you have as well. There are unfortunately too many instances in life where things don't go the way we want them to. You could've invested all of your efforts into... Continue Reading →

Books, A Unique Portal to Magic!

She stood in front of her shelf, looking,She had stood there now for almost an hour.What lay before her now was a simple choice,A choice between the pages. There were a thousand options to choose one,Any world she wanted, Any era she picked.All it would take was one-touch,One-touch to get transported. The magical world of... Continue Reading →

For the love of reading!

For the love of reading! Ever since I was in school, people have been asking me to read. I've seen grandparents read all the time. I've had friends who read a lot. And I've even had cousins whose heads were always inside a book. So for me, it was no surprise when I fell in... Continue Reading →

Songs that Sing to my Soul

So there are always going to be a few songs that strike a chord with you. Songs that you fall in love with, songs that you connect with, songs that you just cannot get out of your head. More often than not, this is not just about one random part of the song that came... Continue Reading →

A Forgotten Love…

He had sat there for awhile.Five years ago when she had sat him down,Never moving, not even daring to blink,Awaiting the time when she'd finally walk in. When she wasn't looking, he'd secretly move,Just a little, just that unnoticeable little bit.Only so that he could see her better,Watch the beautiful angel go about her day.... Continue Reading →

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