So I recently came across this quote about change and I think I just wanted to share that with all of you. “Don’t be afraid of change, it’s leading you to a new beginning!”.

Just think about that there for a minute. It’s funny how relatable it is, isn’t it?

Life has a way of throwing shitty challenges at us ever so often. And unfortunately, we often tend to let everything happening around us affect us, influence us and sometimes change us. So what then? We went through something and that changed us. I suppose there’s almost no one who can say that that has never happened.

But how much of that changed us to be better?

If you went through something that made you more shrewd about things around you, or it made you enjoy every little moment in life and more things like that, hey, you grew up from your experience. Instead, if it made you more reclusive or give up on effort or anything like that, maybe that’s not a good change.

And why am I talking about bad changes here?

So going back to my quote in the beginning, any change creates a new beginning for us. It gives us a fresh perspective on something. It gives us new opportunities. It gives us a new start. But we need to keep an eye open to really see if this is a good thing for us. It’s very easy to just settle for a new chance, but maybe sometimes, we just need to go back and close that chapter before we can utilize the chance.

So that’s my actual recommendation.

Change is permanent. We can’t avoid it. But don’t rush into a change or the new beginning it gives you. Make sure that you’re in a position to really utilize the opportunity. Make sure that it’s the change you need to get better. Make sure that whatever happens, it’s not detrimental to your life.

Indeed, we can’t always see the reason or understand the consequence, but trust your heart and listen to your gut. They’ll always lead you right. Oh and don’t forget the mind leading all your practicality in the situation either, it’ll keep you sane through change!


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