The power of a situation,The power of a word,The power of even the smallest things,The power of change.Change in the small things,Change in even the habits,Change that might seem inconsequential,Change that'll still have an impact. Avoidance and ignorance,Opportunity and chances,Striking resemblances and memories,Everything changed within a moment. Nothing that could be expected,Nothing that could be... Continue Reading →

Another Adventure…

A thrill that excited every fibre in her being,That static emotion when her hands touched,As she selected her prize of the month,A prize to cherish with her heart. A prize and gift like no other,For nothing else could acheive the same,Achieve and succeed in the impossible,Something that would remain a dream for most. And she... Continue Reading →

Her Inspiration, Her Motivation!

The world rushed past her, all around her,Almost as if she along was stuck in slow motion.As far as her eyes could see, Everything appeared, but in blur. All she could do was stay still,Still until that one final moment,That moment she had been waiting for,That moment when the haze finally cleared. He was her... Continue Reading →


So I recently came across this quote about change and I think I just wanted to share that with all of you. "Don't be afraid of change, it's leading you to a new beginning!". Just think about that there for a minute. It's funny how relatable it is, isn't it? Life has a way of... Continue Reading →

Whole and Healed!

She hadn't felt that kind of joy in a long time,That sudden spark of energy that seemed to fill her up.Her heart had yearned for that spark,Yearned and yearned until all had seemed lost,And yet, there she was today, all healed up. She had resigned herself to a life,A life of loneliness, and a life... Continue Reading →

My Little Haiku…

Have you ever had a chance to write a Haiku? Have you ever delved deep into one to truly try and understand what was happening? I have always been enthralled by this format but it took me a while to fall for them. It took me a while to truly understand and enjoy the beauty... Continue Reading →

The love she Shared with the Art!

She sat herself down, on her toes, knees bent,Settled in her favourite position,Her thighs aches with resent,As she exercised long forgotten muscles. She had neither put in the energy, nor the effort,The determination that the art required,She had let it go, long forgotten,An art she only remembered now. And yet, the muscles remembered what the... Continue Reading →

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