The Dream…

Hey Everyone, I hope you’re all doing well. Considering the situation that’s been continuing in India with the pandemic, I wanted to do something a little different this month. So this month is going to be “The Month of Poems” on “A Different Take”. And of course, do share your feedback and more by commenting on the posts! Thank you!

So to start this month off, this poem was inspired by the story of a dear friend of mine!

All she had to do was close her eyes shut,
For her mind was vivid, busy drawing scenes.
Scenes of the life she wanted, her dreams,
Dreams she could only imagine for now.

For after all, she knew exactly what it was,
The colours and scents fresh,
A life she had dreamt since the first moment,
The moment she had known true love.

Her eyes closed shut, her hand stretched out,
Reaching, searching for someone,
The someone who was destined,
Destined to complete her dreams.

She found his hand in her mind,
And her hand caught his hard,
Her fingers intertwined with his,
Almost scared to let go.

One swift move and he had her turned around,
Turned around and nestled against his chest,
His arm running tight around her,
Keeping her locked in the cage of his arms.

As he reigned light kisses down the side of her face,
She closed her eyes again, breathing in his scent,
For now the scent was all that remained,
It was the scent that would never let her forget.


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