For the love of reading!

For the love of reading!

Ever since I was in school, people have been asking me to read. I’ve seen grandparents read all the time. I’ve had friends who read a lot. And I’ve even had cousins whose heads were always inside a book. So for me, it was no surprise when I fell in love with reading as well. I was bound to.

But reading, for me, has always been about the magic. The magic in every story. The fiction and wonder in every book. And the soul in every page. So when I talk about reading, I’m usually not talking about non-fiction.

And then I grew up and other things became a priority and for a little while, I lost sight of the habit. Thankfully it was about losing sight and then finding it again but never about losing touch. It was more recently that I sound that magic in reading non-fiction as well. The pearls of wisdom and the opportunity to learn from someone else through a book as well.

So yes, for the love of reading!

How many of you read regularly? How many of you consciously make time to read?

All of us lead busy lives these days. There are always hundreds of things fighting for our attention. It’s easy to tell yourself that it’s hard to make time for something as trivial as reading when you need to finish work, cook for the family, clean your room, and everything else you have for the day.

Unfortunately, it is hard. But who ever said that you need to put away at least an hour every day if you want to read? I disagree!

It could be as simple as waking up a half-hour early to make time to read? If not, there’s always the time during your commute! Driving, there’s always audiobooks. Maybe it’s about 20 seconds while you wait for the microwave to heat your coffee. And of course, while you drink the coffee as well! Working while you drink your coffee, then there’s always the 5 mins it takes for your computer to start up. If not, there are always the lunch breaks.

In today’s world, it has become a habit to keep running. To keep going after new things and get all of your work done. It’s not always easy to make time for something new. But reading is that one habit that doesn’t have to be exclusive. A book will always love you and stay with you. You just need to use the gaps in your day and fill them up with magic!

Worried about whether you’ll remember anything if you’re only reading a couple of pages at a time? As long as you’re paying attention to what you’re reading, you’ll remember, trust me!

What’s your reading habit? How do you like to read? When do you read?
Comment now and share your story!

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  1. Reading is life and my love for it has only grown as I’ve gotten older. It was very much something I remember as a child and have fond memories of doing with my grandfather. I generally read in the morning and before bed (I hit my all time high of 89 books last year). Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this! Books and literature are such a gift for this world and I am glad to see, as of yet, it is a tradition that hasn’t gone away.


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