Books, A Unique Portal to Magic!

She stood in front of her shelf, looking,
She had stood there now for almost an hour.
What lay before her now was a simple choice,
A choice between the pages.

There were a thousand options to choose one,
Any world she wanted, Any era she picked.
All it would take was one-touch,
One-touch to get transported.

The magical world of dragons,
The romantic world of lovers,
The war between two countries,
Even a war between families.

A book, a page, a title,
She just needed to pick one to disappear.
Disappear from her daily mundane life,
disappear through the portal of life!

All it would take was a choice,
And she knew then that 5 words in,
She’d no longer belong to this world!
She’d have found the portal to magic!

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