Reading and Writing, the Intersection!

I can't remember exactly when in my childhood I started writing. For as long as I remember, my school and my family inculcated the reading habit in me, so that goes back to primary school. Writing though, I believe it might have just been all those English lessons in schools. I was always good at... Continue Reading →

Books, A Unique Portal to Magic!

She stood in front of her shelf, looking,She had stood there now for almost an hour.What lay before her now was a simple choice,A choice between the pages. There were a thousand options to choose one,Any world she wanted, Any era she picked.All it would take was one-touch,One-touch to get transported. The magical world of... Continue Reading →

For the love of reading!

For the love of reading! Ever since I was in school, people have been asking me to read. I've seen grandparents read all the time. I've had friends who read a lot. And I've even had cousins whose heads were always inside a book. So for me, it was no surprise when I fell in... Continue Reading →

Judging a Book by the Cover…

One of the most cliched and very commonly used quotes would be 'Do not judge a book by its cover' according to me. But I realized earlier today that I do. As in, I judge a book by its cover. No, this sentence does not have any inner meaning or anything like that. I mean... Continue Reading →

Abandon by Meg Cabot, A Book Review…

We've all been through that phase in our life when suddenly, something big happens, and all of a sudden, life turns upside down... And even if it is something that we haven't been through, we all certainly fear it. Well, this is exactly what the protagonist of the book Abandon by Meg Cabot goes through.    ... Continue Reading →

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