Don’t just Dream of Success, Work on It!

I think this one might be the most obvious quote out there on success. But, to an extent, this one might just also be the one that we often easily forget.

Most of us get through several stages in life to get to a point where we know what we want. We have a goal set for ourselves. We have an endpoint in mind. We know where the tunnel ends. And sometimes, we even know the way to that point in our minds. In some even rares situations, we might even have a step-by-step plan laid out.

But is that enough? Would it even be enough to just know where you’re going and how to get there? What about everything in between?

Oftentimes, life gets us to a place where, in between all the chaos, the struggle, and the confusion, we forget. We forget to actually do the work. As ridiculous as that sounds, I’ve recently heard several of my friends describe their situation and as a third party in that situation, I realize that in between overthinking or overanalyze the problem statement, they forgot to do the work.

So here’s the catch.

If you know what success means to you today, make the decision to chalk out your path. Whether you choose to do an outline or a detailed analysys, it doesn’t matter. Just choose the option that fits well with you and your situation.

And once you done the basic work, stop letting yourself stress about it. Decide to stop overthinking your situation. Stop over working yourself into stress. Just stop thinking! And AS SOON AS YOU HAVE, start doing!

Start doing the work you know needs to go in. Or even start doing the work for the very first step. You’ll see that once you actually start, the rest becomes very easy. For example, if you have an exam and you’re worried about how you’re going to manage to learn enough to do well, stop planning for it, pick up your book, and just start with a page and go through it. As you do that, you’ll figure out a plan on the way. Or you’ll already have a plan to follow. Or sometimes you’ll stop, restart and then figure it out.

But that right there, that’s the final piece to the puzzle. It’s not enough if you dream of it, don’t forget to actually do the work!


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