Secret Obsession (Film), A Review…

For whatever reason, I’ve been on the lookout for thrillers in my movie picks recently and ‘Secret Obsession’ is one of my latest finds on Netflix.

If you’ve had a chance to watch the trailer yet, that’s pretty much your storyline right there and of course, put that together with the title and you’ve got yourself a pretty good headstart into what you’ve got coming in the movie.

The movie does have a bunch of gaps in the screenplay though. Everything ranging from several comedic reactions here and there that would have probably saved the protagonist without the. There’s a brand new character who is introduced randomly, and then killed, but of course, I still can’t figure out who he is. Officially, Jennifer (the protagonist) suffers from amnesia after her accident, and yet no one seems to be looking for her. We later find out that her husband and her parents have been killed, but did she not have any friends? (Also, speaking of dead family, her parents look like they died at least a decade back, not days/weeks like the husband in the car trunk).

Brenda Song though, we need to call out, does a good job pulling her character through. Dennis Haysbert as Detective Page is one of the better more reasonable characters in the storyline as well. I did like the cinematography (Eitan Almagor) and editing (Randy Carter) in the film through. I mean, nothing stands out as amazing but it definitely compliments the theme and the tone there.

Secret Obsession, A Review...
Secret Obsession, A Review…

It’s the kind of film that you know you’re going to guess the story, but you could still enjoy the random fun. But if you are looking for a full-fledged thriller that’ll leave more of an impact, I hear ‘Before I Go to Sleep’ is perfect, but this film is more of your time-killing film to just watch with popcorn when you can’t find anything else. If you’re looking for a nice little thriller film with a bunch of jump-scares and a reasonably expectable storyline, this is definitely one you should check out.

I would go so far as to say watch it on Netflix, it’s not the worst thriller you’ll find! I’d give the film a 3/5!

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