Memories vs Dreams!

For a long time now, she had missed it all,
Never thinking about it, never forgotten.
A whole other life, a whole other chapter,
Memories ignored and stories tossed away.

And yet, today was different,
Almost like a walk down memory lane.
All the ignored feelings taking centre stage,
Reminding her of all that had been missed out.

A chapter in her life that would never be complete,
Easy to ignore from afar,
And yet, overwhelming when near,
A chapter that would never stay away.

Years of pain, Months of ignorance,
Days filled with the thoughts of what could have been,
A life so dear and memories so happy,
If only it could have remained.

And despite it all, the one thorn that always remained,
The curiosity on what was left on the other side,
Were the feelings the same there,
If only, the feelings were there as well.

And every once in awhile, that little bit of a change,
As the memories stepped away, and the dreams took over.
For after all, the dreams had the power,
The power to haunt every memory!


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