What were you doing 10 years back?

I think for me, ever since I was a little kid, one thing I’ve always been passionate about is writing. And not the kind of passion that is your every waking thought. But rather the kind of passion that hid behind your consciousness and was a part of every major memory.

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Pandemic and all, I’ve been staying at home with my parents for several months, and of course, we’ve been deep cleaning every couple of weeks.
My most recent find during one of these projects was a couple of stories I wrote about ten years ago. Based on some memories and a lot of wishful thinking from several storybooks, it was almost like 15 chapters of the same story.

Don’t get me wrong, my writing and the stories were cringe-max, but it still made me feel real nice. The stories not so much, but the idea that I wrote about these memories!

I’ve always told myself that writing was something I loved doing. And I have tried to keep writing over the last couple of years at least. When I go back and read some of my earlier posts, for instance, I do find things I could have written differently. In fact, I find those alternatives about posts I published last week ( 😛 ).

But I believe that’s good. That irrespective of how good I am at it, I’ve kept writing. I’ve kept getting a little better each time and I’ve kept trying.
And I guess that’s the point of this post.

All of us have several things we love doing. We all have several things we’re passionate about. But do we keep at all of them?

I don’t know what you did or how much you did, but we’ve still got time.
Make a list of things you’ve always wanted to do. Pandemic or no-pandemic, make the time to do as much as you can.

After all, there’s nothing we can’t do if we put our minds to it! Here’s your little piece of motivation for today! Pick something for yourself, invest some time in it, and then do it!

From my end, I’m going to keep writing. After all, in 2030, I do want to look at these posts and recognize that same kindred spirit in myself that I would’ve kept up for twenty years then!


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  1. I too feel like I’ve wasted my time in retrospect, but when a new day arrives, it becomes a battle of doing the things I think I should be doing, versus just taking it easy and wasting yet another day as a result. Thanks for this timely reminder!

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