Reading and Writing, the Intersection!

I can't remember exactly when in my childhood I started writing. For as long as I remember, my school and my family inculcated the reading habit in me, so that goes back to primary school. Writing though, I believe it might have just been all those English lessons in schools. I was always good at... Continue Reading →

Dealing with Quarantine!

I'm sure it's not been easy to stay inside over the last couple of weeks. But one thing all of us need to keep in mind is that this is the best option we have for the moment. But for most of us, the hardest part is to make sure that we keep ourselves occupied... Continue Reading →

After A Break…

So I know I haven't posted in about three weeks now. I had taken a few weeks off and gone back home for my Brother's marriage. This meant an extremely hectic two weeks leading up to my vacation, a hectic two weeks of vacation and a hectic week after my vacation. But here I am,... Continue Reading →

My 150th Post!

I have always had a passion for writing. I can't remember when exactly it started, but looking back now, it feels like I've been writing all my life. My love for the language started with books. My grandmothers read them, my brother read them, my cousins read them and it almost felt like something I... Continue Reading →


Inspiration strikes only at times. And when it does it creates an author with it. A gifted author would turn that creativity into a story that is worth circulating. A passionate author would turn it into a story worth preserving. And a compassionate author would turn it into a story that is worth sending to... Continue Reading →

100th Blog…

For years, I've wanted to start a blog. Ever since I was a little kid, I've loved writing and this seemed like the right thing to do. And in fact, I did start a Google Blogger blog a couple years back. I wrote maybe 10 posts and after that, it just faded away, I guess.... Continue Reading →

Panic mode On…

She sat in her room thinking. Writing had always been a passion of hers. Irrespective of whether she took it up as a career or not, it was something she loved to do. It was something that made her calm down. It was something she enjoyed. But something was wrong. She hadn't been able to... Continue Reading →

My Take on Content Writing!

Remember how, until maybe 3 or 4 years back, the only kind of writing there was, was article writing or paragraph writing. Today, this has almost multiplied and we instead have, article writing, content writing, blog writing, social media writing and so on and so forth. Too many to keep track of and literally different... Continue Reading →

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