The Expectation of a Promise!

Across the table she sat,
After almost an entire year,
What had happened in that time he knew not,
And yet, he could tarry no longer!

Despite every waking thought, he had stayed away,
Thoughts that always surrounded her,
Thoughts of what could have been,
Thought of what should have been!

He knew not how he had sustained,
Seeing her sitting there,
He knew not where his restraint came from,
For now, it took all of his strength to not gather her in his arms!

As hard as he tried,
All he wanted then was to feel her,
To feel her in his arms where she belonged,
Speaking the words he yearned to hear!

And yet something stopped him from pursuing her,
Even when she was finally this close;
The thought that kept him awake for the better part of the year,
The thought that she might not be his anymore!

He looked up after what seemed like hours,
To see her looking at him;
Her face remained passive,
But hey eyes, her eyes spoke a different story!

Her eyes gave him the resolve,
The resolve to make things right, no matter the cost,
He knew not what she really wanted then,
What he had for her was only one thing!

And even when all hell broke loose,
He knew he needed to fulfill the expectation,
The expectation in her eyes, her heart,
The expectation of a Promise,
A Promise he would make!


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