My Tamil Quarantine Watch List on Disney+Hotstar!

Right, so the one thing that I’ve been asked throughout the last few weeks are movie suggestions on one popular streaming services and I thought, hey, let’s share and help more people out. 

But first, (so you don’t judge me), what follows is a Tamil Must-watch Watch List with a bunch of great films that came out anytime in the last 20 years. So if you do watch a lot of Tamil movies, there’s a good chance you’ve already watched these. And if you are one of these people, I’m going to keep following up with more extensive lists over the next couple of posts.

Having established that premise, let’s jump right into my list!

  1. Comali – Tamil
  2. O Kadhal Kanmani – Romance
  3. Nanban – Fun/Family
  4. Raja Rani – Cute Romance
  5. Thuppakki – Action
  6. Saivam – Fun/Family
  7. Payanam – Action

One common theme you’ll see across all my movies is definitely what is commonly known as the ‘Masala Factor’ and Drama, but these are all fun movies to watch when you’re not looking to think too much and just want a film that you can laugh and enjoy on a very superficial level.

I’m adding a few more insights into each of these movies to help you make this decision below as well, I hope it helps!

  1. Comali
    1. Story of a guy who wakes up from a coma after almost a decade. In a hilarious turn of events, he finally comes to terms with how the world has changed and of course, what the world has lost in the process
  2. O Kadhal Kanmani
    1. OK Kanmani has DIRECTOR coming back with the classics bringing together the beauty and evergreen factor of Alaipayuthe into the 21st century is a story of 2 people who get into a relationship that they believe is just the benefits until they realize they’re in love
  3. Nanban
    1. One of my all-time favorites, a beautiful story of 3 friends and understanding that our dreams are the key to our success. Oh, and if you know Hindi, this one is the remake of 3 Idiots.
  4. Raja Rani
    1. Another movie I absolutely loved, this a beautiful creation by Atlee reminding us all that life doesn’t end when love does! And of course, in a brilliant, fun package
  5. Thuppakki
    1. One of my all-time favorites about an army officer battling terrorism to emerge out stronger with of course tat hint of comedy and romance that always comes in any film with Vijay!
  6. Saivam
    1. A super cute, soft, family entertainer with a beautiful thought and amazing songs that’ll get you that little bit emotional and still make you smile
  7. Payanam
    1. Starring the talented Nagarjuna in a fun plot with a hijacked plane full of people, a now-dead terrorist they want to be released and Prakash Raj and Nagarjuna trying to save the day!

So there you go. These are 7 Tamil Movies you can find on Hotstar, that if you haven’t watched yet, you shouldn’t mind and if you’ve already watched, consider watching again!

And don’t worry, I’ll keep these lists coming!

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    All of these movies would show a different perspective of Tamil Cinema as they portray diverse flavors. Even if you don’t know Tamil, I would recommend watching some of these movies like Nanban and Thuppaki as they are packed with entertainment.

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