Happy New Year!

Right, so despite not technically being a musing or a blog like that, owing to the date, I’m confident that this blog has to be themed.

So to every one of you out there, Happy New Year!

It’s been an incredible year with loads of things happening across the year.

For me, the year began in a very different way. It started off with January where I was still getting used to a new place and a new country in a new climate and so much more that was new for me. February was a little weird. I got tired of my cooking, started junking more but ended up losing loads of weight (definitely not suggesting it, trust me, not healthy!). March flew by with loads to do, assignments to submits, exams to prepare for and holidays to study in and find something to do in.

April was nice, I flew across the see to visit family, went back home to University, studies and anticipation for a dissertation thesis. May, June, July, and August ran by. I had research to get done, a thesis to write, interviews to conduct, and loads to do. July was especially fun and amazing, flying back home for my brother’s marriage. All of the fam-bam together after a long time and a bucket load of joy. September was fun. I flew back home to graduate from my undergraduate degree, spent some time with friends, chilled out at home and enjoyed my time.

October, November, and December were comparatively slower. Job search, adulting and well, life. Towards the end, my December perked up. A vacation to Dubai with another fam-bam reunion, and of course, I *SKYDIVED*!

Overall, it’s been a weird kind of a year with loads of things happening and a lot of adulting happening.

I’ve had loads of fun, enjoyed myself, grown, accomplished goals and more.

So for all of you reading out there, here’s wishing you a very Happy New Year.

Make your plans, make your resolutions, work hard and don’t forget to live life to the fullest!



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