Your very own Content Calendar: What, How and, Why?

A lot of you reading this probably have your very own blog or social media pages that you've been maintaining. Or maybe, you want to create one of those.Either way, it's not always easy to make a plan and post often. And of course, all of us are trying to increase the reach our pages... Continue Reading →

If my Dog was a Guy…

A couple of weekends back, I decided not to go out anywhere and just sit and relax at home. After a couple of hectic weeks at work, it made sense to just do absolutely nothing in the weekend instead of going out in the sun or anything like that. So I sat at home doing... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

Right, so despite not technically being a musing or a blog like that, owing to the date, I'm confident that this blog has to be themed. So to every one of you out there, Happy New Year! It's been an incredible year with loads of things happening across the year. For me, the year began... Continue Reading →

To Each, Their Own!

One thing that strikes me as very odd is how some people, irrespective of age and experience, can't seem to understand that at the end of the day, 'to each, their own.' Let me explain. Ever since I was a little kid, I have had a love for fantasy. I've loved romance. And the best... Continue Reading →

The common myths about India!

Right, so I was thinking long and hard about what I wanted to write for this post, and one of the things I thought about almost immediately (after a lot of thinking) was the very common myths about India. A country as large and famous as India, with citizens placed in literally every country across... Continue Reading →


Growing up, all my life, I was always excited to grow up. I was always waiting for the day when I would be classified as an adult. I realize now, however, that all that was because of how much life is glorified. On television, you see carefree adults who look beautiful and do absolutely what... Continue Reading →

After A Break…

So I know I haven't posted in about three weeks now. I had taken a few weeks off and gone back home for my Brother's marriage. This meant an extremely hectic two weeks leading up to my vacation, a hectic two weeks of vacation and a hectic week after my vacation. But here I am,... Continue Reading →

The Memories Would Always Stay…

She sat at her windowsill looking out, the night was peaceful, And yet her mind wasn't. She tried to reign her thoughts in, to not think anymore, And yet, her mind wasn't hers to control. She watched the dark clouds flit by, carrying all that darkness, And yet, the darkness in her heart stayed. She... Continue Reading →

She would see this through…

She stepped out into the night, a gust of wind swirled around her. She pulled her cap over her head, bracing herself against the cold. She began her walk, each step taking her farther away. Farther she walked, away from the warm place she considered home. Every step fell heavy in her heart, but she... Continue Reading →

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