Look back at 2020 and Looking out for 2021!

With only about four days to go for the end of the year, I’ve been thinking a lot about how this year really went by.

It’s almost confusing, I feel like only yesterday I came back home after the COVID situation got worse in India. This was, of course, around ten months back. And with the eagerly awaited 2021 coming back, all of us are of course in the midst of planning and prepping for what we want to happen in the next year.
But before I began planning for 2021, I wanted to look back at 2020.

Unfortunately, the feeling I’ve had in the last month was that I could’ve done a lot more in the time I got staying at home. And then two minutes later I realize that juggling work, family, lots of sick phases for me and my family members, and of course a pandemic, I did do everything I had wanted to.

Weird, right?

Let me explain. At the beginning of 2020, I didn’t have a list of goals or resolutions for the year. I told myself that I wanted to learn and grow more at work. I wanted to lose a little weight (might have been my mother’s goal :P). And I wanted to work on my work-life balance. And thinking back at the year I’ve had, I’ve managed to do all of these, thanks to being at home.

But where I’ve probably missed out is that I could have set a few new goals for myself after March or at least April. So anyway, 2020 has been pretty normal for me.

What now?


At the cusp of a new year and a new decade, I’ve realized that this is going to be a significant decade in my life. Lots of big things awaiting (hopefully). And I want my 2021 to be a little different.
With the continuing COVID situation and new strains, chances are that I’m going to be at home for a while longer and this time, I’m working on giving myself more stretch goals for the year.

I want to let go of some habits and create a lifestyle instead.
I want to continue to learn and continue to adapt.
I want to reignite forgotten passions and develop new ones.
And most importantly, I want to give back to this society.

I don’t know exactly what my goals are going to be, but I have four days to figure those out. Have you figured out your goals yet?


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