Time Enna Boss (2020 Tamil SitCom), A Review…

I’ve been continuing to roam around the world wide web trying to find more and more new shows and films to watch, and the latest one on my list was “Time Enna Boss”.
Starring several known names in the Tamil Industry including Bharath, Priya Bhavani Shankar, Robo Shankar, Karunakaran, Sanjana Shetty, R.S. Shivaji, and Alexander Babu, “Time Enna Boss” is a Tamil Fiction SitCom dealing with the story of an IT guy who gets stuck with four time-travelers.

Despite a lot of things that could have helped this sitcom succeed, we end up with a bit of a cliche.

For instance, we’ve got some talented cast members including mainstream actors like Bharat, Priya Bhavani Shankar, and Robo Shankar. But despite everyone’s commitment to their roles, the characters don’t come through in the story. We’re instead stuck with traditional “mokkai’s” to talk to their characters. Personally, the fundamental idea of the story was something I liked. But yet again, this does not stand up to expectations because of the screenplay. Overall, it is an interesting premise backed by shady workmanship.

The three-hour-marathon left me feeling like I had watched a spoof show minus the entertainment I’d expect. Repeated dialogues, gags around the word “Brilliant” and Bharathi’s character that are no longer funny after the third time, and inconsistent add-ons in the form of an animated mouse for example; they all just make the show that much less funny. What also fails in the show completely is that time traveling angle. We see no depth on that side of the story except that basic story line.

The show did see a few funny moments, lots of slapstick humor, and a cast who stick to their roles to the end. We have perhaps not come across anything similar in a Tamil sitcom before in terms of the storyline. So I’d recommend watching if you’re curious.

I’d give it a 2.5/5 and if you want to watch, this is still available on Amazon Prime India!


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