The Upside to Social Distancing!

So far, it’s been relatively easy to just tel yourselves that for the most part, it was fun to just be by myself. To say that I enjoyed alone time and that I would rather spend more time with myself than go out every weekend. And don’t get me wrong. That is what I’ve told myself for a good part of myself.

Growing up, in school and college, I loved socializing and talking to people and getting to know new people. Everyone in my year in school and almost everyone in my tiny college knew me. They might have gotten to know me for a variety of different reasons that spread across various initiatives I was always a part of, but it meant that I always had people to talk to and have fun and just you know, socialize with.

For some reason, this changed a lot when I went to University. Only the people in my class and the ones in my gang (friends)knew me.

The Upside to Social Distancing!
The Upside to Social Distancing!

Across all of these different phases in my life, I always made it a point to have time to myself. I always loved sitting by myself and enjoying a good book or watching the sunset or watching a funny movie or writing or whatever I felt like doing that day.

For me, this was time every day or every week to just touch base with myself and go back to ground zero and make sure that I was still doing what I wanted to do and getting everything done. And the best part? I’ve always ended up doing this both consciously and subconsciously.
But for a little over three weeks now, I’ve been cooped up in my house with my parents and I have stepped out twice. Both times for less than a half-hour and both times to the supermarket at the end of my street.

And surprisingly enough, I do miss it. I do miss going into the office and smiling at random colleagues. I miss debating whether I care enough to dress up for work and I miss overdressing for work just because I feel like it. I miss calling up friends last minute and forcing them to come out and I miss fun activities in my office. I miss Sunday’s at Glen’s Bakehouse and walking around Indiranagar aimlessly. And I miss making a random decision to walk to the mall nearby and just roam around without buying anything.

I guess, I just miss life as it was.

The last three weeks have been a lot of fun though. It’s been incredible to spend all this time with my family, at home after a year away and just let my mum pamper me. It’s been nice to save all that time on transport and I know that my savings have been happy as well.

So what am I trying to say?

Social distancing is hard. Quarantine and Isolation is hard! Even for the introverts who prefer it.

So just remember, there’s always a good side to it. Figure out what the perks for you have been since it happened. Enjoy it while it last and make the best out of this limited time you have to yourself. After all, this is not going to happen again for a while!

And just remember, this too shall pass!


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