Going Off To College…

It’s often easy to imagine that the whole process of leaving home and going off to a new place for a new college and living by yourself for the first time will be easy.


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And the fact is, the process is pretty easy. It’s simply figuring out what you want to do and then, where to do it. Once that’s done, it’s simply about realizing what needs to be done before you can leave and then getting everything ready.

But somewhere in the whole process, almost all of us lose sight of where we meant to go.

Somewhere in between, we start worrying about all the unnecessary things that come along with moving.

We wonder if we’ve packed everything we need and then we wonder if we’ve packed too much.

We wonder if we will fit in and then we wonder if we’ll forget academics in between our social life.

We wonder if need one set of bed sheets or two and then we wonder if we’ve taken too many.

The fact is, at the end of the day, the whole process is pretty simple. We just have to keep our eyes on the goal. We have to concentrate on what needs to be done and make sure that we don’t overthink ourselves into worrying too much.

If I have to give everyone going off to college an advice, I’d say, ‘It doesn’t happen too often, enjoy it while it lasts.’


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