Have you ever been on ECR, middle of the day or some highway in Singapore or a highway in the US or the UK? The road is almost empty and there’s nothing to do but speed.

Well, don’t.

I know that this is a clichéd topic. And I know that all of us know in our minds that it is dangerous to speed and even simply stupid to not pay attention and all that.

But, in that situation, when you’re out there on the road, with nothing to do but speed, well, you speed.

Giving credit where it is due, I agree, you do concentrate. It’s not that you’re careless. Hell, because you’re speeding, you’re only more careful.

So the catch? When you’re driving at maybe 140 or 160, when you lose that perfect concentration for even a second, it can cause a lot of problems. And the worst case scenario, it can even kill you.

In just the last two weeks, I have heard about at least five accidents that happened to the families of people I know very well.

And despite the people driving being at least 25 and not driving for the fun of the speed, the accidents happened.

And thankfully, despite the vehicles getting damaged, no one got hurt badly.

The fact is that this is not something to be happy about. A millisecond difference or a centimeter difference would have meant that people might have got hurt.


Don't speed
Pc: Google



And all that headache and heartache could be avoided easily if we could just control our speed.

There is no thrill that speed could give you, that would make it alright to do.

There is absolutely no happiness going at a 140 can give you, that can make it alright.

Remember, even if nothing happens to you, something could go wrong with the person behind you or next to you.

Don’t take me wrong, I’m not saying drive at 60 on the highway, just not at 140 when the speed limit is 120.

I can imagine how bad I would have felt if any one of those five accidents had hurt the people in the car. And I know that most of you wouldn’t really care about any of what I’ve written here.

But hey, don’t speed too much… Please!

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