The Bell at the Top!

A sound at the distance, A distinct toll calling attention,A toll that brought out an emotion,One that ran through every mind in the region. Was it fear, or was it shock,One could never really distinguish,For each time the sound came,It came with a different warning. One could never truly anticipate,Anticipate when the sound would ring,One... Continue Reading →

A Life Far Away!

Hours after she had left,With nothing but the one little keepsake,A pocket watch for old times sake,She finally stopped to look back,Look back at a life far away! Nothing remained of what had once been her life,A place she had called home,A place to love, a place to belong,Unlike now walking alone,Walking to find something... Continue Reading →

The Reality of the War!

At every turn in the road,At the sight of every hole in the wall,At every broken window,And at every deserted,The reality of the war! As people sat in luxurious rooms,Making the decisions of a war,A war fought on the roads far away,Making a decision in spite,Never seeing the reality of the war! For as they... Continue Reading →

The Lady in Front of Her!

It was hard to believe possible,And yet, there she stood,A woman like no other, A girl with a flair,The Lady in Front of her! Years of thoughts and baggage,Belief of what was true beauty,All shattered into pieces,For true beauty had finally revealed itself,The Lady in Front of her! A grace that stole your breath,The elegance... Continue Reading →

My Imaginary Friend…

Life had always been a little extra fun,That little bit of extra spice,That little bit of an adventure,Knowing you could see someone,Someone no one else to see. Having someone special to you,Someone just you could see,Someone to be by only your side, Despite everything that went on around,One person to always lend a hand. She... Continue Reading →


As the world around her rushed by,When no one turned, and no one noticed,When her screams went unheard,And as her movement rustled no feather,She finally saw, for she was invisible... She knew not how things had changed,She knew not how her voice went from loud to unheard,She knew not when her life faded,She knew now... Continue Reading →

A Whole New World…

Life had started to feel redundant,The same cycle, over and over again,For nothing seemed to change,And the road seemed to stretch until the horizon. All her heart craved was for a change,A change in the everyday drab.For what else could bring change to the routine,A routine of monotony. When the day came where she could... Continue Reading →

A Mask on the Emotionless Land…

For a long time now, it had all been the same,A shade of black and white, stretched across the land.No colour had existed, no spark,For it had all been a mask on the emotionless land. Life went on as per norm,Work and necessities taking up the only spaces.Fun and joy seemed irrelevant,For it had all... Continue Reading →

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