Whole and Healed!

She hadn't felt that kind of joy in a long time,That sudden spark of energy that seemed to fill her up.Her heart had yearned for that spark,Yearned and yearned until all had seemed lost,And yet, there she was today, all healed up. She had resigned herself to a life,A life of loneliness, and a life... Continue Reading →

Memories vs Dreams!

For a long time now, she had missed it all,Never thinking about it, never forgotten.A whole other life, a whole other chapter,Memories ignored and stories tossed away. And yet, today was different,Almost like a walk down memory lane.All the ignored feelings taking centre stage,Reminding her of all that had been missed out. A chapter in... Continue Reading →

And Soon She Would Take a Step, At last

It only ever took her a second,A second to close her eyes and remember.Remember every touch, remember ever memory,Remember them all, never forgotten. The days since hadn't mattered,The days before almost forgotten,For the time together were centre-stage,All consumed by him. Life had kept going,Never taking a pause.And she had stayed right there,Still waiting to feel... Continue Reading →

My Little Haiku…

Have you ever had a chance to write a Haiku? Have you ever delved deep into one to truly try and understand what was happening? I have always been enthralled by this format but it took me a while to fall for them. It took me a while to truly understand and enjoy the beauty... Continue Reading →

If only you could give it a try…

She finally had it in hand,That one thing she had been looking for.Something she had yearned for, all her life,Something that had kept slipping away. And today, finally, it had happened,The day she had waited for, all her life.She knew not if it would live up to her expectations,After all, nothing truly could, could it?... Continue Reading →


She sat between friends,Everyone she'd ever known and loved.She sat between those she thought her life support,Everyone she'd ever call.And yet her heart ached, ached with loneliness.The loneliness despite all those around,the loneliness that shook her core.Where she'd gone wrong she knew not,When she'd failed she knew not,All that was left was to breathe;Breathe through... Continue Reading →

Books, A Unique Portal to Magic!

She stood in front of her shelf, looking,She had stood there now for almost an hour.What lay before her now was a simple choice,A choice between the pages. There were a thousand options to choose one,Any world she wanted, Any era she picked.All it would take was one-touch,One-touch to get transported. The magical world of... Continue Reading →

A Forgotten Love…

He had sat there for awhile.Five years ago when she had sat him down,Never moving, not even daring to blink,Awaiting the time when she'd finally walk in. When she wasn't looking, he'd secretly move,Just a little, just that unnoticeable little bit.Only so that he could see her better,Watch the beautiful angel go about her day.... Continue Reading →

Letting go with Dance…

As her hands stretched out, she let herself feel,Feel the music run through her,Her eyes closed of their own accord,As her mouth formed the words that led her mind into oblivion. She had always had but one release,A release that always worked.That worked in making her let go,Let go of all everything on her mind.... Continue Reading →

Pain, His only Constant!

The pain and become almost monotonous now,It almost felt like only the paint was permanent.Despite it all, despite the time and despite the effort,Nothing had changed the outcome at all. He had started fresh, right back at the beginning,He had refused to give up, hoping for the best.And despite never having seen. change in the... Continue Reading →

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