My Dilemma with the Indian Education System…

Growing up in India, I spent 18 years in the Indian Education System, 15 in School and then 3 years in an undergraduate degree. And growing up in India, the importance of education was ingrained into me. There's this weird obsession in the country for kids to study hard, get top grades, do an engineering... Continue Reading →

The common myths about India!

Right, so I was thinking long and hard about what I wanted to write for this post, and one of the things I thought about almost immediately (after a lot of thinking) was the very common myths about India. A country as large and famous as India, with citizens placed in literally every country across... Continue Reading →

Cricket and Me…

21 years and I've never been a big fan of Sports, especially not Cricket. And coming from an Indian, that is a bit of a big deal, considering that the country is pretty much obsessed with the sport. Afterall, Sachin Tendulkar, M.S. Dhoni, and Virat Kohli are household names with movies being made about them... Continue Reading →

My India

I’ve lived in India my whole life. And yet, if you asked me to pen India down in one word, I could never do it. When I walk down a street, I always manage to look at at least 4 different cultures, listen to 4 different languages and observe 4 different traditions. And that is something... Continue Reading →

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