If Your Dreams don’t Scare You, They’re too Small!

When was the last time you thought about the dream you picked for yourself? In the last couple of months, I've had a lot of time to think about what I want for my future? What are my dreams? What are my next steps? What should I really be focusing on? It's a hard conversation... Continue Reading →

Tuesdays and Friday (Film), A Review…

My road to "T&F (Tuesdays & Fridays)" on Netflix was a very typical Netflix-recommended cheesy movies for some time to kill but this is one of my examples of well-suited recommendations. So, Tuesdays & Fridays is a typical Romcom drama following the story of two millennials who end up deciding to be in a relationship... Continue Reading →

Memories vs Dreams!

For a long time now, she had missed it all,Never thinking about it, never forgotten.A whole other life, a whole other chapter,Memories ignored and stories tossed away. And yet, today was different,Almost like a walk down memory lane.All the ignored feelings taking centre stage,Reminding her of all that had been missed out. A chapter in... Continue Reading →

Secret Obsession (Film), A Review…

For whatever reason, I've been on the lookout for thrillers in my movie picks recently and 'Secret Obsession' is one of my latest finds on Netflix. If you've had a chance to watch the trailer yet, that's pretty much your storyline right there and of course, put that together with the title and you've got... Continue Reading →

And Soon She Would Take a Step, At last

It only ever took her a second,A second to close her eyes and remember.Remember every touch, remember ever memory,Remember them all, never forgotten. The days since hadn't mattered,The days before almost forgotten,For the time together were centre-stage,All consumed by him. Life had kept going,Never taking a pause.And she had stayed right there,Still waiting to feel... Continue Reading →

My Little Haiku…

Have you ever had a chance to write a Haiku? Have you ever delved deep into one to truly try and understand what was happening? I have always been enthralled by this format but it took me a while to fall for them. It took me a while to truly understand and enjoy the beauty... Continue Reading →

If only you could give it a try…

She finally had it in hand,That one thing she had been looking for.Something she had yearned for, all her life,Something that had kept slipping away. And today, finally, it had happened,The day she had waited for, all her life.She knew not if it would live up to her expectations,After all, nothing truly could, could it?... Continue Reading →

The love she Shared with the Art!

She sat herself down, on her toes, knees bent,Settled in her favourite position,Her thighs aches with resent,As she exercised long forgotten muscles. She had neither put in the energy, nor the effort,The determination that the art required,She had let it go, long forgotten,An art she only remembered now. And yet, the muscles remembered what the... Continue Reading →


She sat between friends,Everyone she'd ever known and loved.She sat between those she thought her life support,Everyone she'd ever call.And yet her heart ached, ached with loneliness.The loneliness despite all those around,the loneliness that shook her core.Where she'd gone wrong she knew not,When she'd failed she knew not,All that was left was to breathe;Breathe through... Continue Reading →

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