Self-Esteem means Knowing You’re the Dream!

We talk about dreams, goals, motivation, self-love, and so much these days. Today’s world has got us to a place where these need to be introduced to us from outside. But why don’t we already know? Why does someone else have to remind you to be motivated? To love yourself?

One word that I’ve heard almost overused is Self-Esteem. The world puts us down if we don’t have it, friends advise us to get it, and every person in our lives affect it.

But what is Self-Esteem?

Self-Esteem means Knowing You're the Dream!
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When I think about self-ssteem, a quote from Oprah Winfrey always comes to mind. “Self-Esteem means knowing you are the dream!”. And that right there, that explains to me what self-esteem really is. 

Who ever said that this is the right body weight for you? Who set up the IQ bench mark? And who set up the job position that makes you a success in your career?

We often forget that most of these benchmarks that the society sets for us were all set up by another human somewhere. But how does anyone know if you contort to all the normal situations that set up that benchmark. You might be someone who sufferes from a health condition. You could be someone with a learning disability. Or you could be someone who hasn’t seen much happiness in life at all. Only you know what you’ve gone through in life, and only you have the right to set up a benchmark for yourself. 

If you have worked really hard to get to that “Manager” role and you’re happy with it, it is okay to to take a break before setting yourself to the next goal. If you’ve just lost 10 kgs and are still overweight, that does not make you a lazy fat! At the end of the day, what will always be the most important thing in life is if you’re happy with the effort you’ve put it and the results you’ve gained.

Don’t let anyone else’s expectations define your life. And remember that no matter what fault you find with yourself, “YOU ARE THE DREAM!”. Believe that and you’ll see the change in your life. Believe that and elt yourself be happy with yourself. Belive that and let your subconscious take over and manifest what you want out of your life as you continue to put the effort in.

Remember, Self-Esteem means knowing you’re the dream! And that, that’s all just in your mind and your heart!


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