Don’t Stop When You’re Tired, Stop When You’re Done!

It can definitely be very hard to keep yourself motivated. Especially since the pandemic came about, it has only gotten harder. But when you’ve got something in mind you want to achieve, how long you keep going becomes even more important.

I’ve heard this phrase that always stuck with me. “Work harder, Go longer, Give more than anyone else!”. I’m not sure who exactly said this, but it struck a nerve somewhere. After all, what is it that makes you stand apart from everyone else?

In today’s highly competitive world, it no longer matters what your inherent talent is. With the number of resources we now have available to us, any of us can succeed in a field we pick for ourselves if we put the work required into it.

So what can really make us stand out?

I guess that would be what we succeed at. And note here, I don’t say it’s what we’re good at, it’s more specific to the outcome. Like everyone says, “Smart Work, over Hard Work!”.

So having said that, circling back to where I started. When you’ve got yourself an end goal, or a destination, then it is important to be persistent. Life has a way of overwhelming us. It has a way of tiring us out and sometimes, even making us lose hope. But what will influence when we finish is exactly what we do when we’re down.

When you’re tired, when you need a break, make a decision. Choose to let your mind take a breath, relax, and when it has, dive back into the thick of things and hit the ground running. It’s perfectly alright to need to pause. It’s perfectly alright to need to gather up your energy.

But hey, pause, don’t stop.

No matter how small or big your goal is, no matter how far or close your goal is, and no matter how tired or fresh you are, never stop until you’re done.

After all, persistence is the key to success!

Skydiving into 2019!
Skydiving into 2019!


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