Everything in the Background…

Hey you all, I hope you guys liked “The Month of Poems” that we’ve been running in June and here’s the last one to complete this month out. But real quick, do comment and share your feedback on the last month. Did you like it? Do you want to see more poems? Should I go back to mixing things u?

Can’t wait to hear from you!

And for this last one here, I wanted this to be a little special, so here’s one inspired by a picture.


Everything in the background...
Everything in the background…

And when everything seemed too overwhelming,
The noise, the disturbance, the interruptions,
At a time when concentration seemed far fetched,
All it took was one look, one look at the flower,
And everything else became the background.

And as everything in life took a pause,
The mind finally cleared,
A minute of peace, two of respite,
And as the breath came out,
Chaos reappeared!

And as hard as she tried, no matter the effort,
Life just refused to stay as she wished,
Everything in the background,
Only her and the flower to matter,
For life would then be but peace.

So she took another breath,
For it was all she would get.
One more minute of just her and that flower,
And from that came her strength,
The strength to get through another day.


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