The Bell at the Top!

A sound at the distance,
A distinct toll calling attention,
A toll that brought out an emotion,
One that ran through every mind in the region.

Was it fear, or was it shock,
One could never really distinguish,
For each time the sound came,
It came with a different warning.

One could never truly anticipate,
Anticipate when the sound would ring,
One could truly only be prepared,
Prepared day in and out.

For when the toll finally came,
It would only be complete chaos at the time,
As all the minds rushed around,
Searching for a place to hide.

No one knew why, and no one knew how much longer,
And all that every mind could dream for,
Was a better future with no warnings,
A better future with no sounds or tolls.

The Bell at the Top!
The Bell at the Top!

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