The Reality of the War!

At every turn in the road,
At the sight of every hole in the wall,
At every broken window,
And at every deserted,
The reality of the war!

As people sat in luxurious rooms,
Making the decisions of a war,
A war fought on the roads far away,
Making a decision in spite,
Never seeing the reality of the war!

For as they took those decision,
Those that suffered waited in vain,
Waited to see a new day,
For all they could do was pray,
Living through the reality of the war!

Life broken into pieces,
With nothing more to call their own,
Only the company of those around,
Those that related to the loss,
The loss that came with the reality of the war!

And when years passed and the war had ended,
All that remained to share those stories,
Standing testimony to the pain and suffering,
The cracks, the holes, the damage and the loss,
All that was left of the reality of the war!


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