The Lady in Front of Her!

It was hard to believe possible,
And yet, there she stood,
A woman like no other,
A girl with a flair,
The Lady in Front of her!

Years of thoughts and baggage,
Belief of what was true beauty,
All shattered into pieces,
For true beauty had finally revealed itself,
The Lady in Front of her!

A grace that stole your breath,
The elegance of innocence,
A charm and vibe that spread happiness,
For all that was required was to see,
The Lady in Front of her!

Finally that sense of understanding,
Realising what had been missing,
All these years of searching,
All come to fruit, finally at the sight of,
The Lady in Front of her!

For now, nothing else could matter,
Except the confidence and belief that soared,
That final piece of the puzzle found,
For all that had mattered was love,
Love for the reflection in front of her!


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