My Imaginary Friend…

Life had always been a little extra fun,
That little bit of extra spice,
That little bit of an adventure,
Knowing you could see someone,
Someone no one else to see.

Having someone special to you,
Someone just you could see,
Someone to be by only your side,
Despite everything that went on around,
One person to always lend a hand.

She had helped me remember,
Remember a hidden side of me,
A side I hadn’t seen since I was a kid,
A side I had hidden from all,
For adulthood had had a way of taking importance.

And yet, all of a sudden, I could remember,
Remember being more fun,
Remember an entire new personality,
One that could win everyone over,
One that could still be happy.

And I knew she would disappear one day,
But my mind would never forget,
And remember the person who had stood through it all,
The memories that brought so much joy,
And remember my invisible friend!

Inspired by “If You Could See Me Now” by Cecelia Ahern.


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