A Whole New World…

Life had started to feel redundant,
The same cycle, over and over again,
For nothing seemed to change,
And the road seemed to stretch until the horizon.

All her heart craved was for a change,
A change in the everyday drab.
For what else could bring change to the routine,
A routine of monotony.

When the day came where she could take no more,
She knew she had but one option,
Now that all else had failed,
She knew she had to flee this world.

As the page finally turned, she looked around,
Taking in the world around her,
For everything was all new,
Nothing she had every seen before.

As the leaves swayed to the breeze,
Her heart galloped in front of her,
As a warm breeze flutter her hair,
All she could feel was the magic around her.

Outside of her norm, outside of the drab,
There now lay this whole new world,
A world of her own, for after all,
She could pick a new book and start a new story.


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