Run (2020 Film), A Review…

So, next up on my list of thrillers was an easy find on Netflix, “Run”. This film came out in 2020 and just the poster was enough to have me at the edge of my seat, already curious.

Despite the curiosity initially, the movie got me predicting what was to come next right after it started. But before all that, directed by Aneesh Changanty starring Sarah Paulson and Kiera Allen in lead roles, Run is a psychological thriller film about homeschooled Kiera who begins to suspect her mother for keeping a secret from her. The movie has cinematography by Hillary Fyffe Spera and editing by Nick Johnson and Will Merrick. The film starts with a Horror movie vibe right up until it reveals its true thriller nature.

The biggest plus this film has is the two actresses and the energy they bring to the screen. The direction keeps the intensity perfect to keep us engrossed and almost praying for the little girl. The focus on all the tiny little details and the flawlessness of the editing brings everything together in a neat little nail-biting experience. The movie does successfully include a lot of the emotional heft you’d expect to have.

The film does bring us several human behaviors that are a bit far-fetched, but keeping in mind that this is a thriller flick, this is almost easy to ignore. A few of the reveals are easy to spot, but the way the direction highlights this as a revelation is still nice to watch. There’s not too much additional background to the characters that could have possibly gotten us even more wrapped in.

And despite it all, the film keeps us guessing and sitting at the edge of our seats throughout. So overall, a great thriller for your Friday nights through a Netflix party with your friends. I’d give the film a 4.25/5.

And don’t forget the popcorn!


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