Whole and Healed!

She hadn’t felt that kind of joy in a long time,
That sudden spark of energy that seemed to fill her up.
Her heart had yearned for that spark,
Yearned and yearned until all had seemed lost,
And yet, there she was today, all healed up.

She had resigned herself to a life,
A life of loneliness, and a life to herself.
Her mind had decided that there would be no other option,
And yet, yet her heart had never lost hope,
Hope of a better tomorrow, a better today!

And today, after all that time,
Things had gone and turned around.
She no longer felt the loneliness,
She no longer felt that hole inside,
She had gotten all whole and healed up.

There was no doubt why in her mind,
It just could not have been anything else at all.
His presence, his light, his love,
It had filled her up even without warning,
He had helped her edges heal.

She knew not if this would last,
She knew not if her faith would remain strong.
But she knew she’d remain grateful,
And she knew she’d never forget his love,
The love she’d finally felt from her God!


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