Tuesdays and Friday (Film), A Review…

My road to “T&F (Tuesdays & Fridays)” on Netflix was a very typical Netflix-recommended cheesy movies for some time to kill but this is one of my examples of well-suited recommendations.

So, Tuesdays & Fridays is a typical Romcom drama following the story of two millennials who end up deciding to be in a relationship only two days of the week in an attempt to avoid commitment issues. Sia is a lawyer and Varun is a hot-shot writer and the two are weirdly perfect for each other.

So, right, the film really makes an attempt at a newer kind of relationship to talk about and the story definitely fits in really well with the chic and urbane backdrop. The actors definitely uplift the story with their performance though with both the newer actors playing their roles perfectly. Jhataleka Malhotra and Anmol Thakeria Dhillion definitely deliver reasonable performances for debuts along with Nili Walia in a more meatier role.

The issue could definitely stem from the fact that there are definitely more characters in the screenplay than required that do tend to pull the focus away from the main characters. The songs don’t do much for the film though and stay very random. The story could even be perceived as unrealistic to today’s scenario, but we could almost just leave that part out.

Overall, the standout part about the film is probably just the concept there which is much more refreshing than we see these days. It’s a very light-hearted love story you can watch if you’re not analyzing it. You’ll probably just laugh a few times, make fun of a few scenes and then completely forget it after you’ve left the theatre.

I’d give the film a 3/5, mostly for just if you’re bored and don’t have anything else on your to-watch list.


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