Your Limitation – It’s only your Imagination!

How often have you wanted to do something but thought you wouldn’t be able to? How often have you looked at someone else and thought that you’re no better than them?

Like we’ve been discussing, unfortunately, life has a weird way of getting to us. We often end up in positions where we’re either judging ourselves or not reaching our fullest potential. So how do we know when that happens? How do we reach for the stars?

Well, what’s always worked for me is fixing a goal for myself first. After all, when you know where you’re going, you can plan the route! But sometimes, you need to think before you fix that goal. How do you know that it’s the right goal?

That seems almost redundant, doesn’t it? And I don’t want to talk too much about how to set goals here but rather how do we know that we’re pushing ourselves enough?

Essentially, when you have an idea about what you want out of life, it’s easy enough to find a goal related to that. But did you stop to think whether what you thought you wanted out of life was in fact the best you could have?

What if you didn’t stop to consider your other options? What if you’re limiting yourself?

Let’s talk examples. Say I gave myself a goal to exercise 10 minutes every day? Maybe I’ve seen that 10 minutes every day helps me stay fit, not gain any weight and stay the same. In that scenario, I haven’t considered what could have been. Maybe 15 minutes every day would have helped me become more flexible, or given me more distinguished abs, or even helped me get strong while I stayed fit. Those might not have been things I had wanted. But what if that had been the case only because I hadn’t realized that I was capable of all that and more.

I know my example wasn’t the most relevant one. But I hope it’s starting to make a little sense now. At the end of the day, once you give yourself a goal, you can work to achieve it. But in life, never settle! Do what you need to do to explore all your options. Remember that when society gives you 5 options, those are only just the common ones, not the only options you have.

Everything around us, it’s all there because someone imagined it. So never limit yourself to what’s around you. Let your mind fly, imagine!

Only your imagination limits you. As long as you keep imagining a better future, it’ll continue to be an option for you!

Only your imagination ever limits you…


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