Reading and Writing, the Intersection!

I can’t remember exactly when in my childhood I started writing. For as long as I remember, my school and my family inculcated the reading habit in me, so that goes back to primary school. Writing though, I believe it might have just been all those English lessons in schools. I was always good at writing and it was something I always enjoyed.

The passion for writing probably came out identified, much later.

Recently though, a curious question I’ve had was what brought it on? Very few people in my family enjoy writing as a habit so I probably did not inherit it. I would give my school credit for all the opportunities to write they brought us. But what ignited the passion?

I was reading a study paper recently and came across this line. ” Literacy, understanding what you’ve read, and writing are codependent skills in that they rely on the practice of each to improve the other.”

I agree with this for sure. I’ve often caught myself reflecting on a quote or a scene I read when I’m writing and I’ve often thought to myself about ways to write when I was reading. So subconsciously, my reading and writing habits have helped each other. 

But what was interesting to me was that that line also brought up the thought that the two habits had also supported each other. 

Let me explain here. My childhood gave me a situation that had me starting to read and write on a low scale, often in situations where it was for a school project or a recommendation. But past the first few years, I had no reason forcing me to keep going. 

But what if, what if I had kept reading because I was writing and vice versa?

In the sense that, looking back, I can name several novels I read because I wanted to write a review on them. And the same way, I distinctly remember a short story I wrote in school that was inspired by a book I read.

I don’t know if this is a case-by-case situation or if these two habits are codependent, but I can’t help but be sure that it’s good to develop both of them in all of us.

Forget reading or writing for passion or hobby, even outside of that reading and writing are habits that are integral for personal and professional growth. You’ll always need to write a report for studies or work and you’ll always need to be well versed to keep growing.

So there you go! For me, reading and writing have gone hand in hand. They’ve helped each other and they’ve helped me. What about you? Do you have both habits? Can you think of any scenarios where these habits have come together in your life?

Do comment and share your story…

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