Doubt Kills more Dreams than Failure ever will!

How many times have you given up on an idea because you thought you wouldn’t be able to do it? How many times have doubts about your capabilities put you off a path you desired? How many times has a doubt of failure made you give up?

Fortunately or unfortunately so, life has a way of creeping upon us. One second we have a new brilliant idea and the next, we ignore the idea because we doubt it would work. And unfortunately, humans have a way of giving in to our doubts?

Who ever told us that failure is wrong? Who ever told us to pay heed to our doubts?

When you think about it, you’ll realize that the truth is, failure is not a bad thing! The fact is, giving up in fear of failure is the bad thing!

In life, it’s easy to doubt yourself. It is then very easy to give in to the doubt as well. But what’s in our hands will always remain there as long as we hold on.

We just need to hold on!

So what’s the workaround? It’s pretty straightforward! When you begin doubting an idea or your capabilities or even yourself, STOP! Take a nice deep breath and do your research! Look at what could be the possibility be the validity of these doubts. Look at what you need to do to eradicate these doubts.

Sounds pretty easy right? And trust me, once you start doing it, it just is! Because here’s what happens: You start thinking about what the problems are. And when you’ve started thinking and identifying the problems, you will now be able to find the solutions.
If your idea was truly not a great one, you’d now be sure of it. And since you’d have found why, you can then always adapt the idea to be more practical. Or if it was your talent or capabilities you had started doubting, you’d now know exactly what the gap in. And when you know the gap, all it takes is one step! One step to close the gap!

So it’s that easy. In your life, you’ll realize one day that “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will”. And on that day, you might regret not trusting yourself.

So take a step, trust yourself, and don’t let doubts stop you. After all, if you fail once, you’ll learn from it. And after all, Failure is the stepping stone to success. Dream On!

And before I let you all go, I want to leave you with something that Elisabeth Elliot said, “Don’t dig up in doubt what you planted in faith!


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