That Little Step to Success!

I’ve had several instances in life where I’ve ended up desolated. Just pushed to a chapter with no clarity. And I’m confident that several of you have as well.

There are unfortunately too many instances in life where things don’t go the way we want them to. You could’ve invested all of your efforts into a project that someone else could get credit for. You could end up with tons of work when you were looking for an easy way out. Or things just could have failed despite all the research that went into it. Unfortunately, things like this can happen often.

In today’s world, all of us are running behind the goals we laid out for ourselves. We’re running behind goals to succeed. We’re even running behind goals to be happy.

As fast as we run, it is no longer an era where getting what we want is an easy feat. Instead, more often than not, we end up stuck in positions that disappoint. Depression is a stroke of luck. Half our lives go by unmotivated? Is that just it? Is it just about getting through it all? Or is it just getting used to all of it and moving on?

You already know the answer to that question, don’t you?

We can no longer wait on the bench for a coach to come by and motivate us. We can no longer fall back on our parents and just expect them to pick us back up. And we certainly can’t wait for an opportunity to come searching.


Life is about facing the difficulties head-on. Today life is about how you react in the face of adversity. I can tell you a sweet, long story that’ll motivate you and make you want to do better, and even help motivate you. But trust me when I say that it won’t last. Soon enough, it’ll be a story that you’d heard a while back and you’ll be right back at square one!

So how do you get to square 10 wherein the goal lies?

Well, it’s simple to say it but well, take that step to square 2! And it’s as simple as just that. One foot in front of another. One step ahead of the other. And just one small effort after another! And soon enough, square 10 will have come to you! So what am I trying to say?

No one’s waiting around the corner for you to fail. And no one’s waiting around the corner to pick you up. But your shadow is always with you. When you fall, lay a hand on your shoulder and push yourself off. Your shadow will help you! You will help yourself without even realizing it.

It’s fine to lose motivation. It’s even perfectly alright to stop being enthusiastic sometimes. The only thing that’s no fine is to give.
Keep trying, keep putting in your efforts and keep taking the next step! No one can stop your success after!


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