Pain, His only Constant!

The pain and become almost monotonous now,
It almost felt like only the paint was permanent.
Despite it all, despite the time and despite the effort,
Nothing had changed the outcome at all.

He had started fresh, right back at the beginning,
He had refused to give up, hoping for the best.
And despite never having seen. change in the past,
He had kept his hopes high, believing in a possibility.

He should’ve known better,
He shouldn’t have trusted in hope.
He had known he was cursed,
Cursed against Love.

It was not his first heart break,
It was not even his worst.
It was another chapter complete,
It was his book of pain.

He no longer expected anything different,
He knew the end no matter the situation.
His life had become monotonous,
And pain his only constant.

This time though, something was different,
He no longer tried to get back up.
He had gotten used to the pain, after all,
And the pain would be his only constant.


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