Sirens in the Distance…

Her body felt frozen,
Frozen on the floor, unable to move.
She could still see around her,
Nothing else had stopped, only her.

The room was empty now,
He had run away a long time back.
All that was around her was the mess,
The mess that had started this whole thing.

She felt the cold wetness first,
She could feel it as the blood spilled around her.
She didn’t know if she had been bleeding the whole time,
She only knew that she lost enough to feel faint.

But as faint as she felt, she didn’t lose consciousness,
It was almost like she could sense every second.
The sound of the door opening broke the silence,
But no-one entered her sight field.

She felt the fear seeping through,
She prayed that he hadn’t come back.
But no one came near her as she waited,
And soon, she heard the door close again.

Her mouth refused to move, to form the words,
The words of the screams building in her head.
And still her body remained frozen,
Her blood continuing to seem through.

She realised that the wound must have been deep,
He must have put his strength into the push.
She knew not if she would recover from this,
She knew not if she wanted to.

The silence seemed to spread around her,
Enveloping her in their darkness,
Everything stayed still and nothing changed.

Nothing changed until the silence finally broke,
The sound that gave her that little hope,
The sound of Sirens in the Distance…


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