The Dawn of the Day…

Every little smile, Every little hug,
They all had stayed fresh in her mind
And yet, they seemed so far away now,
Almost as if it had been another lifetime.

Back then, at the time of the tribe,
Every waking memory had been his.
Her day has begun and ended with him,
And all else had seemed but irrelevant.

And now that it had been ripped away,
She felt like she had lost her heart.
Life had lost all meaning,
And life no longer made any sense.

Her day still begun and ended with him,
And yet, he was nowhere around.
He had chosen to walk away,
But her heart refused to let go.

She had tried and tried again,
But it almost seemed like a mental block,
That no matter what she did,
He was still a part of every waking memory.

She knew not what was left to do,
She knew not how to make herself whole.
She prayed for a miracle,
A miracle that would erase her past.

And yet, nothing changed, despite it all,
For nothing could remove the mark he left.
All she could do was wait,
Wait for the Dawn of a New Day!


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