Miss India (film), A Review…

Starring Keerthy Suresh, Rajendra Prasad, Jagapathi Babu, Naresh and Nadhiya in lead roles, “Miss India” released on Netflix earlier this week after the pandemic delayed it’s original April release. The Telugu movie is also available dubbed in Tamil and Malayalam on netflix.

The heroine’s 20th film follows the stort of a headstrong young girl convinced about her dream. Directed by Narendra Nath, it has cinematography by Dani Sanchez-Lopez and Sujith Vaassudev with Music by S. Thaman.

Jumping into the film, right from the beginning, unfortunately, the screenplay makes it very obvious about what’s to come and what’s to happen. Unfortunately, a rather dull storyline and direction don’t help either.

Pc: Google
Pc: Google

It’s clear that the basic idea behind the film is a pretty good one and of course, Keerthy Suresh, as usual, carries the filme well on her shoulders. The very talented Jagapathi Babu doesn’t seem to have too much do except the cliched anti-hero build up he could probably do with his eyes closed.
Despite being set in picturesque American surroundings, the movies doesn’t take advantage of this and instead goes with the dull usual backgrounds. The emotions as well don’t seem to come through.

Cinematography seems pretty good with the limited landscape and the music and BGM do complement te story. Editing however doesn’t do much good.

The core idea of a female entrpeneur is one that could have been carried real well but unfortunately, we end up with a standard film in hand. And of course, all this is ignoring the fact that today, globally, people have already been introduced to the the Chai Tea Latte unlike the absolutely new concept in America that it’s showcased as. If you don’t look into it at all, and rather just watch it to kill a few hours, you wouldn’t mind it too much.

Though, I do appreciate the director not attempting to force a successful romance into the story but at least keeping it a little realistic there.

I’d give the film 2/5 and that’s mostly just for Keerthy Suresh.


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  1. I also watched because of Keerthy Suresh. Very disappointing film. Everyone in America has a Middle Eastern accent? And no one has heard of chai? There was no need need for her sister’s role. Served no plot purpose. And then she goes to see a highly successful businessman and she has not even done basic research as to what he looks like. Keerthy’s dialogs all seemed very preachy and like she was teaching a class. Most other characters were props. Badly written and badly executed with a plot that held a lot of promise.

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