Dancing away to Glory…

He had blindfolded her before leaving the house,
All she had were the sounds around her for company.
She had tried talking to him,
But he had remained mute the entire drive.

When they finally stopped, she waited,
Waited until he came around to help her out.
She had thought he would have untied her blindfold,
But he guided her into a building instead.

She heard him muffling to someone opposite them,
But hard as she tried, she couldn’t hear a word.
In less than a minute, his hand held hers again,
And he guided her again as they stepped through a door.

All of a sudden, the air around them shifted,
They were no longer in the same ambiance.
She felt him untie her blindfold,
But even as it fell off, all around her the darkness extended.

He must have sensed her anxiety,
Cause immediately his arms went around her.
He gave her a quick peck on her cheek,
And pulled her deeper into the room.

He came to a stop in a couple of steps,
He turned her towards him.
He took her hands as the smell of lilacs surrounded them,
And they danced the night away in the pitch-black room!

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