My Experience in Athens!

It’s been a while since I went on this trip, and I might not remember it all, but I hope it’s a fun read anyway.

Alright, let me start at the very beginning here. Ever since I was a little kid, I have had the chance to travel a lot. So it comes as no surprise that traveling is a passion for me. And I believe in one of my other posts, I did talk about how I like going to all the famous tourist spots and then all the hidden places when I go anywhere new.

My Europe trip in 2019 was an extremely fun trip I loved. I went with my entire scary family. It was loud, it was scary, and it was bucket loads of fun.

Our trip began in Athens. It was a small street away from the main ruckus, and a flat we had had to rent as a whole (there were almost 20 of us o.O)! We were a 2-minute walk away from the train station and not too far from the center of the city.

Hidden Away in Athens!
Hidden Away in Athens!

And I still believe that was one of the reasons I loved the city. I had gotten introduced to it’s hidden gyms before I finally saw what I had gone for. The city is beauty at its best. The history is the streets, the stories in the architecture, the progression in the marvels.

The Acropolis did not disappoint, and the city stole my heart. I wouldn’t know where to begin or where to end. But here’s my advice! Much like most other tourist spots, Athens has its fair share of pick pockets. So keep your items safe and never take a rose from a stranger in the square.

Haha, let me elaborate and it’ll make more sense.

My family and I were walking around the city. As we crossed the road and crossed a signal. My aunt suddenly stopped. She looked into her purse. She knew her purse wasn’t in there anymore. It had gotten picked as we crossed the road by a couple who went the other way.

So this aunt of mine, she’s extremely shrewd. She knew those two people had come with a third. She could see that this guy was still on the other side of the road. She went up to him, held his hand and refused to let go until her purse was returned.

That sounds very random, but she was confident enough to be open to the idea of going to cops than letting the guy go. The other two were of course on the other side of the road watching and ultimately, to a group that huge, there was no option but for them to come back in return the purse as it was.

That was a super subtle incident. But because my aunt had paid attention to our surroundings (to know that the three were together) and because she was immediately aware of the fact that he purse had gotten lighter, we saved ourselves from a lot of trouble that day.

“It’s not always possible to be that way, so instead, take your precautions! Hang your purse in the front and always try to keep a hand on it. Don’t keep too many valuables in one place and always pay attention to your surroundings!”

The other one was an incident with much less drama. In the more populated sqarens in the city, you’ll see a lot of women with flowers who will sometimes force one into your hands and then later, ask for money. So just don’t take anything from strangers!

It’s not much, but those are my two bits from my trip to Athens. But… I have included a bunch of photos below and those should hopefully be enough to convince you to visit the city if you haven’t already!

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