An Eternal Thirst…

Alone in the tunnel, farther from any life,
The crushing weight of the darkness around me,
With nothing around but my heart,
A heart that seemed to work no more!

An eternal thirst for you my only thought,
A boundless desire that made no sense,
No weapon to survive with,
No strength to fight!

The vastness of the pain,
Only drowned by the song of the river,
A river that with it carried away,
My soul fleeing far far away!

On all sides, I feel your weight,
Crushing me till I breather no more,
Your mysterious voice that beckons,
The temptation to let go and go with you!

I remember you as I last saw,
Still of heart despite every beat,
Flames in eyes that once showed love,
Now, all I could see was the cold black!

Beyond those eyes, farther on,
The memories of a better day,
That once existed but no more,
Memories that stayed as the heart stilled!

Hii, so this is my first time trying to pen this style of writing. Do comment and let me know what you think. Thanks 🙂


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