My Tamil Quarantine Watch List on Amazon Prime!

So we talked about Hotstar last week, and this week, I’ve got a list of all-time favourites from Amazon prime. Important Reminder here, my list is as per Prime India, so apologies if any of you are looking for a movie and can’t find it on Prime. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find it elsewhere online.

So here it is, my list of Tamil Films that you can’t miss on Amazon Prime!

  1. Minnale – Romance
  2. Gemini Ganesanum Surili Rajanum – Comedy
  3. Avvai Shanmugi – Comedy
  4. Ghajinikanth – Comedy
  5. Mafia – Action/Suspense
  6. Darbar – Action/Drama
  7. Padayappa – Action/Drama
  8. Bigil – Action/Drama
  9. Vishwasam – Action/Drama
  10. Kadaikutty Singham – Action/Drama
  11. Imaikaa Nodigal – Thriller

This time though talking about the movie, I’m going to go Genre by Genre;

  1. Romance
    1. Minnale
      1. This one is an absolute thrill to watch from the likes of talents like Madhavan and Reema Sen. If you haven’t seen this one yet, do not miss it!!!!
  2. Comedy
    1. Gemini Ganesanum Surili Rajanum
      1. One of the more recent films on my list, this one is an absolute riot with so many twists and turns in the plot that you just can’t miss
    2. Avvai Shanmugi
      1. A little old, but you know what they say about Old is Gold! Watch to see a man dress up as a woman to see his kid and the rest is history!
    3. Ghajiniknth
      1. Another comparitively new film on the list. This one is everything hilarious that can happen when someone is medically forgetful!
  3. Action
    1. Suspend
      1. Mafia
        1. Probably the most recent film on my list, Mafia was a movie I absolutely loved when I ahd the chance to watch it in the theatre. Full of action, mysetery, suspense and plot twists that’ll keep you guessing till the very end!
    2. Drama
      1. Darbar
        1. Getting the recent Superstar (Rajinikanth) movie off first, this one is everything we’ve come to expect from a Rajini Film with all that emotion, that drama, that action, that little comedy and that love.
      2. Payappa
        1. One of my all-time favourite Rajini films that I’ve watched a 1000 times already and will probably watch another 1000 times. Go watch it again!
      3. Bigil
        1. Another new film on my list from my all-time favourite star ‘Vijay’ with anything and everything you love in his movie. This one goes that extra length to include a current issue into the masala block buster!
      4. Vishwasam
        1. From our talented Ajith, this one is an Action Drama that will bring tears to your eyes while you sit at the edge of your seats hoping for things to work out the way you want them to.
      5. Kadaikutti Singham
        1. I definitely loved watching this Family Drama in the theatre. I got lost in the plot and the beautiful characters and rooting for the good guy to win.
  4. Thriller
    1. Imaikaa Nodigal
      1. Last but nowhere close to the least, this is a definite must watch. A Masala block buster that will definitely blow your mind away! Don’t miss it!

So there you go. My very long list of some of those films that are already available on prime that you just can’t miss for so many reasons. Most of these are movies that I have personally watched more than once, so I’m definitely hoping you all like it!

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