Oh My Kadavule (2020), A Review…

A little late on this review but one that I still wanted to write, Oh My Kadavule is a Fantasy Rom-Com that you will definitely enjoy.

Starring Ashok Selvan, Ritika Singh, Vani Bhojan and Sha Ra in prominent roles, the film follows the story of three close friends after two of them decided to get married on a whim. Having Vijay Sethupathi and Ramesh Thilak in extended cameo roles, of course, helps brilliantly. Directed by Ashwath Marimuthu, the film released about a month back on Valentine’s Day with music by Leon James and cinematography by Vidhu Ayyanna.

The beginning did feel a little off and like the director was very consciously trying to make the film funny, but as the story carries on, it gets smoother and easy to take in with more organic humor that compliments the narrative. All of the cast fit into their roles perfectly to make sure that nothing feels odd, other than the fantasy bit of course. But that’s where Vijay Sethupathi pulls off his usual charisma to not even think to question it.

Unlike normal cliched Tamil films, this one manages to keep the story within the actual people involved with a nonchalance that makes it more endearing.

What goes wrong in the very end is the main character falling in love with the same girl he wants a divorce from. While the plot there is definitely understandable, it doesn’t come off as well. The emotional impact doesn’t always come through where it should. Here and there, the story feels a little forced or overkill but you can understand where the director was coming from in all of these places. In the end, the fantasy spin and the treatment of the main storyline make the film succeed. The influence of GVM in the film and the director, you can’t miss and the cinematography and music help bring it all together.

Ashok Selvan and Vani Bhojan were my favorites in the movie! So as long as you’re not being picky and just want a nice simple movie you can enjoy, I would recommend this one. I’d give it a 3.5/5!

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